Best Laptops of 2018 of 15 inches Latest Models and New Versions

By | January 28, 2018

Best Laptops of 2018 Like the 13-inch models, the 15-inch laptops become thinner and lighter, but they are still the same old workhorses. They may not be as exciting or flexible as some of the best 2 in 1, but what they lack in versatility they more than make up for with their “musculature”. And among the best laptops of 2018 of course there are several 15 “and in the following list we will present them. Whether you need a “mobile work station” or a good laptop to play with, and even something a bit more exotic, there is something in the 15-inch format that will surely fit your budget.

Best Laptops of 2018 of 15 inches Latest Models and New Versions

Best Laptops of 2018

Most of our smartphones have a beautiful design, so why can not our laptops look like this? And it was not until recently that laptops began to look beautiful, according to Business Insider. Laptops used to be coarse, bulky, covered in a dark gray tone, and for the most part, their design did not capture the attention of consumers. Next, take a look at ten of the most beautiful laptops that can be purchased today.

Windows 10 Companies :

Anticipating the release of Windows 10 on July 29, PC companies are showing off their new and better personal computers this year at the Compute electronics fair.

At the Computer show in Taipei this week, PC creators rushed to show off their best new laptops, tablets, desktop computers and other devices to consumers in response to the launch of Windows 10.

Laptops Screen Types :

More screen, less resolution. The Aspire E1-572 has a 15-inch screen for comfort during task performance.

The size of the screen punishes a little the resolution, that and the lack of CD and DVD drives could lead to think that it is not suitable for multimedia or entertainment dismemberment, but, in exchange for this, Acer provides a unit with many ports: USB, VGA and HDMI, which allow the reproduction of contents can be taken to other monitors or players.

Its battery has a performance of six hours and is only available in aluminum gray.

Laptops consumer technology :

Laptops are probably not the consumer technology products that generate most headlines within the framework of the CES 2018 fair that is taking place in the city of Las Vegas, but without a doubt they are the allies of hundreds of millions of people around the world when carrying out their work or personal tasks.

Razer laptops :

The Razer Blade Stealth is an unexpected beauty. Razer laptops are usually aimed at gamers, who like superpowers specifications and flashy neon lights that shine through all the holes. But the Blade Stealth is a bit different. Unlike most gaming laptops, which can be rather heavy since they need large graphics cards to run most games, the Stealth has an elegant design, black, with a matte finish and a feeling of softness premium.

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