Design water bottles to avoid wasting plastic bottles

By | January 29, 2018

Design water bottles : For years the bottled water industry has managed to make a free product not only sold in stores, but also an element that denotes distinction and luxury. The design of the bottles is largely responsible for this qualitative leap in the consumption of this sector. Many other functional and sustainable models have also changed the way we consume running water and make us look with different eyes at the transparent liquid. These six proposals are an example of how much water relies on creativity and technology.

Design water bottles to avoid wasting plastic

Design water bottles

According to the journalist Delia Rodriguez  when ‘Solon DE Cabral’ introduced its famous blue glass container to the market, it was so successful that two million bottles were stolen from the cafeterias in a month because everyone wanted to take them home. they increased 17% and the product remained the same, water.As we can see, it is not new that, together with the design of the wine, the design of mineral water bottles serves to upgrade a product, increase its perceived value or lie directly with its advertising creating a false need.

I am sure that as with wine, if we sell expensive water, we will like its flavor more. However, “It is a mistake to think that spring water is healthier than tap water explains the newspaper La Cara Enrique Cabrera, from the Water Technology Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. “In many cases it is even much healthier. Although in the opinion of the expert the pending task of many places is to improve its flavor.

Why a leading product has to change?

Precisely to remain a leader, invigorate and be stronger than others. A leader necessarily establishes the rules, stands out, guides and marks the path that others follow.

That’s why Aguazul needed a total renovation: from the iso logo type, through the label and, of course, the structural design of the bottle made of PET. The message of the brand was going to be much more effective if all these elements were focused in the same direction.

Purify with the Social Business :

Green washing is very common today. Basically it is about brands that parasitize concepts as ecological without producing a significant change in their production, distribution, consumption and disposal processes of their product. However, not all of them are left to put a green leaf on their logo since at least some of them apply corporate social responsibility in some of their phases. One way is by looking for local suppliers reducing transportation or giving part of their benefits to charitable causes as they do for example in Earth Water.

Examples are Give Water :

Other examples are Give Water, which directly leads charity to the front of your brand. Under the motto Give: love, hope, life and strength, before buying you are already deciding who you want to help with the purchase of that bottle. With a very careful design the Danish company Water Well uses the same method.

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