IAS Officers in Andhra Eye Central Postings in Vijayawada, AP

By | May 18, 2017

IAS Officers in Andhra Eye Central Postings VIJAYAWADA: Many IAS officials are leaving Andhra Pradesh and are joining Central services due to “inappropriate administrative policies”.

IAS Officers in Andhra Eye Central Postings in Vijayawada, AP

IAS Officers in Andhra Eye Central Postings

LAS officials Giridhar, Ajay Sahani, Law Agar val, Neelam Sahani, Yuva Raj and Janaki had already left, while P.V. Ramesh, who is appointed as chairman, Central Rural Electrification Board in Delhi, will leave very shortly. Ten others are ready to leave.

Mr. Ramesh had played a key role at the time of state bifurcation in coordinating With the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) and other bifurcation issues. He even played a crucial role as finance secretary in the state and flew all around the world with Chief Minister Ν. Chandrababu Naidu seeking investments for the state.

It is reported that as he could not go against the rules and regulations, he started maintaining distance from the government.

With this, he was posted as the forest and environment secretary. Though he rejected the the shrinking of Kolleru from +5 to +3 contour level, the government gave its approval unofficially. With this, he decided to leave the state services and applied for central services and got appointed.

An IAS official said, “The state government failed to provide adequate space for offices and accommodation to the officials. It even failed in providing space in velagapudi temporary Secretariat buildings, as promised earlier.”

IAS Officers in Andhra Eye Central Postings

He quoted an example that the important departments of revenue like CCLA were promised space in first floor, 4th block, but later the government said it could not provide it now.

With this, the CCLA identified office space at Gollapudi, as there is no work environment available at the current Secretariat.

The government is allegedly pressurising the officials as they are reminding of past experiences faced by LAS officials during the Congress reign.

An official said Giridhar, who went against the instructions of the government in Swiss challenge and CRDA issues, was transferred to another department, and because of that, he left the state services.

Many officials expressed their distress over work allotment based on nominations.

It is learnt that principal secretaries of secondагу education A. Adityanath Das, higher education Sumita Dawra, tribal welfare R.P.Sisodia, Panchayati Raj K. Jawahar Reddy, BC wellfare G. Ananta Ramu and special chief secretary Dinesh Kumar are also Willing to leave and a few of them even applied to the state government for the same.

Note: THE Officials are finding it hard to abide by the “inappropriate administrative policies‘ of the State

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