Latest Smartphones India has doubled in the last five years

By | February 6, 2018

Latest Smartphones Samsung was shaping up to have the best year in its history, after launching the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in February The South Korean company focused on this occasion to build a cell phone that would use what we liked so much from its predecessors (Galaxy S6) , bringing improvements and returning some of the features we miss most from previous models (micro-SD slot and water resistance). Also, Samsung presented one of the most beautiful designs we have seen on a cell phone with the Galaxy Note 7 and brought for the first time an iris reader on one of its cell phones. However, the explosive drama of the Galaxy Note 7 led to this cell was removed from the market and the image of the company was hit in one way or another.

Latest Smartphones India has doubled in the last five years

Latest Smartphones

the 5 best smartphones smartphone 5 best smartphones smartphone 5 best smartphones smartphone 02 Next previous New smartphones are constantly being launched on the market, which makes it difficult to know which phones are on the market, and, even more difficult, to know which phone to buy. And the price is no longer a good tool to reduce the options to a reasonable number. The shelves are full of smartphones for any budget, either $ 100 or $ 1000 dollars. While some decide, without hesitation, to buy a smartphone of their favorite brand, it pays to stop for a moment and see the phones that other companies are producing, you may be surprised. Here below you will find our five favorites.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8

one of the most important design changes of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 could arrive with its new start button, removing that physical button to possibly make it capacities or virtual, as well as smaller bezels. The company could also improve the sound quality by offering two stereo speakers The specifications of these flagship phones would have the traditional evolution they have year after year, offering greater power and better performance, as well as cameras that offer better quality photos.

Samsung to integrate dual rear camera in the Galaxy S8

It is possible for Samsung to integrate dual rear camera in the Galaxy S8, but it is likely that you will also decide to just place a camera that brings better image processing, its super fast focus and improvements in image stabilization. Also, the company would integrate a front camera with automatic focus that allows to offer more detail in the selfies. Regarding the evolution of its other specifications, I hope the company continues to integrate AMBLED 2K screens, although the higher resolution could leave it for the Galaxy Note 8 with 4K. Although this would not bring great benefits in the general use of Samsung phones, the 4K screen could benefit the Gear VR glasses or the virtual reality offered by the new Google platform, Daydream. Also, I hope your main cell phones run Android Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Samsung Galaxy S9, along with its older brother, the Galaxy S9 Plus, are getting closer, and we are already excited. While rumors continue to spread over the phone, Samsung has given a clue as to what will make the Galaxy S9 special. In 2018, he said in his financial report of the end of 2017, that Bixby’s camera and assistant will be used to strengthen its range of premium smartphones. And what better to start with the Galaxy S9? This is all we know about Samsung’s new flagship.

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