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New 20 DESIGNS OF CHAIRS Today we bring you a selection of the 20 most iconic chairs of the last century, the most acclaimed designs, the seats that have marked an era. They are the objects that any lover of decoration and design would like to sit on. We started with one of the best known pieces of the couple of American designers Charles and Ray Eames. His DSW chair, designed in 1950 for the Mo Ma in New York, was the first plastic chair of industrial manufacture and today remains an icon of modern design.



Most people like to decorate their works paces with drawings, photos and other articles of personal memories, but lately we see these small art galleries in the dining rooms, an intriguing and personal touch that completes the decoration. Often, the content of this montage shows the private interests and passions of the inhabitants of the house. Traditional portraits and still lifes are replaced by modern posters of cultural events, book illustrations, and even street art.

Vita proposes that design be one more ingredient in food :

1062/5000 Vita proposes that design be one more ingredient in food. With the Table Solvable, for example. It is an ideal dining table, solid and with a lot of personality. Designed by Jean Proud in 1941 to equip – along with many other pieces of furniture – the chemical company Solvable. Currently, the board – and legs – is available in three types of solid wood treated with oil. This finish is a success, because they give the piece a cozy appearance of great quality. And they help soften the technical coldness of design. To sit at this table, nothing like an Eames Plastic Chair. A design much more than timeless, but always of absolute relevance. Perfect, resounding, modern and already a classic. We see it in the seat shell with organic shape, which continues to be a prototype among chairs with combinable housing with different bases. The novelty that Vita has recently presented has to do with the colors of the maple wood bases, but also of the seats: spectacular the new basalt tone.

Lot Of French design by the Nordic with the Tulip chair

We changed the French design by the Nordic with the Tulip chair, designed in 1955 by the Finnish Euro Saarinen for Knoll. This fiberglass seat designed with futuristic curved lines has become one of the most recognizable icons of decoration of the 60s, thanks to its appearance in television series and movies such as Star Trek, whose spacecraft was decorated with this original design.

Panels or wood siding :

The wood paneling is equally suitable for modern homes, as well as holiday homes with a more rustic feel. Wood as a material has many positive and unique qualities: excellent thermal insulation, it ages gracefully, contributes to good indoor air quality and is a sustainable material. In addition to all that, its decorative features provide warmth.

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